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Legacy Dads with Lance and Dante

Nov 23, 2020

But God. These two words explain the gospel with simplicity. Lance and Dante discuss there may not be two more hopeful words that we could utter. When God enters the lives of sinners like you and me, true transformation, hope, and renewal happen. Our way of giving thanks to God is to use our lives to glorify Him and...

Nov 16, 2020

Lance and Dante talk about some positive things parents are learning from COVID and how these are affecting the mental health of children. Also, why parents need to be mindful of co-regulation with our children.

Nov 9, 2020

Lance and Dante discuss being sensitive to the needs of our wife and family and using empathy to realize when we might need to change directions. How to realize the key moments when our family needs us most and be there for them in these crucial moments.

Nov 2, 2020

Lance and Dante talk the election, having a biblical worldview, and no matter who wins, ensuring we are glorifying God and being examples to the world. Plus, Lance and Dante give their election predictions.

Oct 19, 2020

We’re so excited for the Perfectly, Imperfect Christian Parenting event and will be speaking virtually at the event this weekend. As Christian parents we know how important it is to raise our children with a picture of God’s love for them every day. But most days we’re stretched too thin to do more than the status...