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Legacy Dads with Dave and Dante

Oct 17, 2022

We had the pleasure to sit down with Pastor and new author Jeremy Freeman to discuss his book "#butGod: The Power of Hope When Catastrophe Crashes In," out October 18, 2022. In the book, Jeremy details he and his family’s experience following his son Caleb’s devastating car accident, and God’s faithfulness through Caleb’s miraculous recovery. Jeremy also shares about the darkness that nearly overtook their family in the waiting, and the #butGod movement that captured the prayers of Christians around the world. #butGod includes heartfelt excerpts from Emily’s prayer journal and encouragement from Jeremy that goes beyond platitudes to a hard-won trust in God’s goodness. Whatever sorrow you are walking through, #butGod leads you to the sweetness found in trusting God with suffering…and the deeper faith that comes from seeing His purpose in the pain.

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