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Legacy Dads with Dave and Dante

Feb 10, 2023

In this interview we had the pleasure to talk with Aaron Tredway about his book "Don't Miss Your Life: The Secret to Significance."

Live life to the fullest. Nobody wants to look back on a disappointing, unfulfilled life. Why then are so many of us dissatisfied despite our goals and continual striving? In Don’t Miss Your Life, Aaron Tredway reveals we’re aimed at the wrong target: success. Despite our pursuit of something more, we are stuck chasing our idea of success instead of true significance. But we don’t have to be rich or famous to lead a life of meaning in God’s kingdom.

In this practical guide, Aaron shares his personal discovery of the secret to significance and invites you to live the life God created you for. Learn to recognize the exhausting emptiness of pursuing success, find liberation from a life without purpose, pursue God’s glory instead of unrewarding self-focus, and choose significance over success one step at a time. You were made for a meaningful, deeply fulfilling life, and you can achieve just that!

Find out more about Aaron at his website:

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