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Legacy Dads with Dave and Dante

Mar 13, 2023

In this episode, the guys start the conversation on what it looks like for a Legacy Dad to have financial freedom. "Leaving a legacy" means a lot, and it is important for men and fathers in all stages of life to ensure they are setting not only themselves, but also their families - and future generations - with financial blessings rather than burdens. The guys talk through assessing your current situation, taking responsibility for where you're at currently, being a good steward, giving to God what belongs to God, and determining what the financial future should look like as God's financially responsible man. 

Future episodes on this topic are up to the audience, so listen in and let Dave and Dante know where they can take this wide-ranging topic!

Free book offer (rules): For the first two listeners who send us feedback on this episode (i.e. future topics to cover under the financial umbrella), we've got two books to send you:
Oh God Why Can't I Stop by Jason Ritchie, and Stumbling Toward Eternity by Josh White. How to enter: send an email to both and, send us a direct message on Instagram @legacy_dads, or find us on our closed Facebook Group "Legacy Dads Online Community" and let us know. We'll pick the first TWO individuals (based on time we receive the message) and contact you for shipping information.

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