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Legacy Dads with Dave and Dante

Feb 22, 2021

Vinnie Adams Special Needs Ministry Director at Faith Church Indiana talks about parenting and ministry to special needs children and teens. The Reflectors ministry facilitates the discipleship and belonging of people with special needs and is a true testament and example of the Gospel of Jesus Christ that we could all...

Feb 15, 2021

Do you remember the last time God showed up unannounced in your life? Even though the Lord is everywhere always, occasionally He’ll show up in a unique way. Will you be ready? Will You be afraid?

Feb 8, 2021

Jeff McDaniel joins Legacy Dads to discuss how lies have made us think faith is about fear, guilt, and shame but the truth of the gospel is far from that.

Feb 2, 2021

Forget political pundits and social media, get biblical truth on unity and how to shrewdly discern wolves in sheep's clothing. Stop playing the enemy's game of dividing ourselves and get back to advancing God's kingdom.