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Legacy Dads with Dave and Dante

Feb 16, 2023

What does it look like for men to follow King Jesus? Listen in to this interview with the CEO of BetterMan, Chris Harper. BetterMan is the definitive voice surrounding biblical manhood. Biblically rich, theologically sound, and incredibly practical content - Betterman exists knowing that having a clear vision of manhood changes everything. BetterMan is a series of studies on the essentials of biblical manhood. Each week, you’ll learn how to be a better man through live or video teaching and build relationships with other men through group discussions. 

Chris Harper loves his wife, four children, books, basketball, movies, and 90’s hip-hop. King Jesus is his Savior, and Andrew (Peter’s brother) is his hero. Chris believes that Jordan is better than Lebron, and nothing beats Nashville hot chicken.

Chris holds a Master’s Degree from Dallas Theological Seminary and is currently finishing his Doctorate at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary SWBTS. Chris’ academic pursuits center on the “father as chief priest of his home.” Chris is convinced that the most critical need of the church today is men, bold men, men willing to lead their homes and serve the church.

Listen in to this episode to get your extra dose of biblical masculinity and go be the spiritual leader God has called you to be!

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